Social Media Policy

The purpose of this page is for families that are affected by any of the gene changes that we study at Simons Searchlight to be able to connect and share their experiences. We hope that you find this space useful to meet other families and to learn more about your child’s gene change! Just a friendly reminder to be kind with what you post on this group, and any other group. We all have different opinions and experiences and come from different cultures – that is what makes life exciting – so be sure to be sensitive to one another. If you believe someone has violated the community guidelines, please report it to us immediately by emailing


This page is run by the team at Simons Searchlight. The Simons Searchlight website & community was developed as a support resource to connect families that have specific gene changes related to developmental delay and features of autism with each other, as well as with researchers. Remember to keep the content on this page relevant to Simons Searchlight. It is not appropriate to advertise a business, product, or service on this page, and under no circumstances should solicitation occur on this page.


Please be aware that the Simons Searchlight team reserves the right to delete any posts at its sole discretion. Overall, we want to engage with you and hope to foster discussion on our page.


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