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Join our team of scientists and families searching for genetic answers to autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. To find answers, we need families like yours.

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Simons Searchlight includes leading researchers, families and individuals. Each of us is dedicated to advancing the science of genetic changes related to autism. Learn More

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In our quest for answers, each unique finding is important.

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The best minds in genetic science offer immediate insight to your diagnosis.

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Our data is open to all qualified researchers, not held in a single lab.

Genetic Conditions We Study

We study over 150 genetic changes related to autism and associated conditions. And the list is still growing.

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Do you have a genetic diagnosis that is on our list? Are you a biological parent or sibling of a person with a diagnosis? Proficient in English? Yes? Then please follow the steps below.

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Sign up online.

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Provide your clinical lab report.

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Connect with a genetic counselor.

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Unite with researchers and others.

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Team Voices

They have picked the crème de la crème to conduct their study. We could not have had a better experience.

Karen, Parent

After feeling alone with such rare results we have now been put in touch with many other families who share a similar story.

Leah, Parent



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