December 2023: New Simons Searchlight Data Available to Researchers

New Simons Searchlight phenotypic data were recently added to SFARI Base. This data release included over 3,600 individuals with 15 copy number variants (CNV) and 94 single gene variant conditions associated with autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Nineteen genetic communities’ data are included for the first time in this data release. Approved investigators can request the data via SFARI Base.

Some highlights of this release include:

  • 1,030 individuals with new baseline and/or longitudinal medical history data collected with our new Online Medical History Survey (replacing the Medical History Interview)
  • 949 new Vineland-3 records
  • 803 new records across Seizure History Survey and Annual Seizure Update 
  • Updated summaries of medical history, medications, and previous diagnoses data integrating across online- and interview-collected data sources
  • Revised age-related data across lab results, medical history, and Vineland-3 data

Read the full announcement on the SFARI website.

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