Your Genetics Lab Report

An important part of getting started with Simons Searchlight is submitting your or your child’s genetics lab report. After registering for an account here and completing consent forms, you will be asked to upload a copy of a genetics lab report.¬†Please contact us if you have any issues uploading your lab report.

Our team of genetic counselors will review your lab report to make sure that Simons Searchlight is the right research study for your family.

View our registration webinar for information on uploading your report.


If you have questions about your or your child’s lab report, view our short videos on how to read your genetics lab report. There are separate webinars based on the type of genetic change: copy number variant, such as 16p11.2 deletion or 1q21.1 duplication, or change in a gene, such as SCN2A or MED13L.

View our video on how to read a genetics lab report for copy number variants.


View our webinar on how to read a genetics lab report for a gene change.