A Message of Gratitude from Simons Searchlight

Dear Simons Searchlight Community,

As we journey through the world of rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders, our gratitude extends to the heart of each partner in our community. By sharing their experiences, participants cast a guiding light for families navigating their rare disease journey. Patient advocacy groups help to amplify both awareness and research, while dedicated scientists seek answers that pave the way for scientific progress.

Individually, our efforts may seem small, but collectively, they are powerful. Your openness, resilience, and shared experiences are what drive our ongoing progress.

Let’s unite in our collective strength to uncover the unknown. The Simons Searchlight team is committed to unraveling the mysteries of rare genetic disorders, with each discovery lighting the way forward.

Thank you for standing hand in hand with us. Wishing you and your families a joyful holiday season.

Warm regards,
The Simons Searchlight Team

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