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A Message from the Simons Searchlight Genetics Team

Hello from the Simons Searchlight genetics team!

We are a group of genetic counselors whose primary goal is to help make meaning out of your family’s genetic testing results. We know how overwhelming a new genetic diagnosis can be, and we want to help families–and the broader genetics field–better understand what these results mean for you and your family!

Our genetic counselors have many jobs

We review each and every genetic laboratory report that is submitted, and we complete a thorough research investigation of every genetic variant to make sure that we have the latest information for researchers who use these data. We also review all results every year to incorporate our rapidly advancing knowledge!

Simons Searchlight genetic counselors also work with families to collect detailed medical information. We talk with families directly by phone to learn more about their medical and developmental histories. We are able to do this in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch! We will continue to add languages to the study, which will allow more families around the world to participate. This is such an important step to help us better learn about and understand how genetic conditions affect health and development.

We are always happy to talk with families! Please reach out to our team with any questions about your genetic lab report or the specific genetic variant found in your family. We’re happy to work together to answer your questions and make sense of your results.

You can email us at or call us at 855-329-5638. Simons Searchlight genetic counselors look forward to connecting with you!

All the best,

Becky, Catherine, Elisheva, Jamie, and Tamar

Simons Searchlight Genetic Counselors

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