Q&A with Dr. Cora Taylor: Behavioral Interventions for the Simons Searchlight Community

Cora Taylor, Ph.D. answers your questions about education and early intervention, diagnosing autism, sleep, feeding, toileting, and behavioral interventions for people with autism or other neurodevelopmental conditions.

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About Cora Taylor

Cora Taylor, Ph.D. is an assistant professor and clinical psychologist at Geisinger Autism & Developmental Medicine and principal investigator for Simons Searchlight. Taylor completed graduate training at the University of Tennessee and a research and clinical postdoctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University. She has expertise in the diagnostic evaluation of children with a range of developmental concerns. At Geisinger, Taylor conducts research, leads the phenotypic battery selection, and oversees a variety of research protocols. Her focus is on the phenotypic characterization of people with rare genetic conditions. Taylor has experience in engaging both families and family-based organizations for rare genetic conditions in research through online participation that is offered internationally to interested patients and families.

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