DanYale, mom to David (16p11.2 deletion)

Our visit to Seattle was great!!! The team there was very efficient and worked really hard to make things as easy for us as possible. We had received a schedule of events ahead of time and therefore we knew what to expect. Things moved along as planned, and there were no surprises. They had thought through every step of the visit and had everything taken care of. From the time we arrived until we departed, all of our needs were met. The team did everything they could possibly do to make sure the visit was as stress free as possible. Our family really loved meeting everyone. They made us feel completely at ease. They were so nice; it felt like we had known them forever. This was such a wonderful experience for my family. We feel completely blessed that we had this opportunity. We are so ex-cited about this research. We are looking forward to connecting with other families and gaining more knowledge about the 16p11.2 deletion.DanYale, mom to David (16p11.2 deletion)

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