Searchlight Transition

is now

We’re making some changes! We’ve updated our name to Simons Searchlight to reflect our mission of working together with you to find answers. Along with the new name, we have updated our website with a more user-friendly registration process, making it easier to join and access useful features. Our focus continues to be catalyzing research to drive the science of autism-related genetic changes forward.

What’s new?

  • New name
  • New website
  • More resources
  • Additional languages coming soon!

If you’re already registered, through the end of May we will be sending emails to set your password. Look out for that email and then just follow these simple steps:

  • Check your email and follow the link
  • Set a new password
  • Explore and keep participating

Not registered yet?

  • Click “register”
  • Register for the study through our new and improved process

Same great research, new name!