Family Meetings

Organizing a family meet-up takes many months of planning and coordination between families. Simons Searchlight put together these tips to help in the process.

Types of Meetings

There are two types of meetings that families can organize depending on family group size and expected attendance:


In-Person Family Meetings

Families organize an in-person meeting at a venue that is central for many in the family group.

  • Ideal for well established family groups having large numbers and the ability to travel.
  • Requires 6-12 months of planning.

Learn more about what’s involved in these meetings and some helpful tips for planning by visiting our In-Person Family Meeting Planning webpage.


Virtual Family Meetings

Simons Searchlight organizes a meeting that is conducted in an online platform, where families attend via their computer.

  • Ideal for groups that have smaller numbers of families or are spread out geographically.
  • Requires 4-6 months of planning.


Want Simons Searchlight to be involved in your family meeting?

Before you contact Simons Searchlight, please have the following details in mind:

  1. The type of family meeting your group is planning: In-Person or Virtual
  2. A date or date range for the family meeting. This date will be confirmed by the Simons Searchlight team.
  3. A potential location for the event (in-person meetings only).
  4. A list of confirmed attendees (in-person meetings only) or expected attendance numbers.
  5. The level of research involvement your group will be requesting from Simons Searchlight (in-person meetings only).

If your family group has all of these details prepared, please follow the link below to submit an application for Simons Searchlight family meeting assistance:

Complete your application here!