New Simons Searchlight Seizure History Survey Results Now Available

Get Important Seizure Information for Your Genetic Condition: Simons Searchlight Seizure History Survey Results Now Available!

If you experience seizures and reported seizures in the Simons Searchlight Seizure History survey from 2021 to the present, you can now access personalized survey results! These results contain crucial information about your genetic community and details on treatments that have been tried and what to expect in terms of development. You can also print this information for your records.

Who will have the Seizure survey results on their dashboard?

If you reported seizures in the Seizure History survey, you can access this information on your dashboard’s “Completed Tasks” section. The results are only available to families reporting seizures in genetic communities with at least 5 individuals with seizures.

Complete your Seizure History survey

If you haven’t completed the Seizure History survey yet, we encourage you to do so today by visiting your dashboard! Your results will be delivered instantly without any delay. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to gain insight into your genetic condition.

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