An Autism Diagnosis in Adulthood Leads to a New Career Goal (repost from SPARK)

Date Published: January 3, 2022
By: Marina Sarris
(excerpt below from SPARK)

Braxton Webb had held plenty of jobs. He was a U.S. Marine Corps reservist, a truck driver, a security guard, and a deputy correctional officer. But he struggled in some of them, as he had in school when he was growing up.

Finally, Webb, then 33 years old, decided to find out why he had those difficulties. He saw a neuropsychologist, who gave him the answer: he has autism.

In 2021, he got the answer to yet another question: why does he have autism? That answer was unexpected and came from SPARK, the autism research study he joined after his diagnosis.

Now Webb has a new career in mind, one in which he knows he can excel.

Read the full family story and how the Webb family continued their research journey in Simons Searchlight.

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