Below is a summary for the SOX11 gene observed in research publications. This is not meant to take the place of medical advice.

What is SOX11 Syndrome?

SOX11-related syndrome happens when there are changes to the SOX11 gene. These changes can keep the gene from working as it should. This syndrome is also known as Coffin-Siris syndrome type 9.

Key Role

The SOX11 gene plays a key role in the growth of brain cells.


Because the SOX11 gene is important in the development and function of brain cells, many people who have SOX11-related syndrome have:

  • Small head size, also known as microcephaly
  • Intellectual disability
  • Speech delay
  • Slow growth
  • Changes to the fingers and toes, such as underdeveloped nails
  • Certain facial features, such as a wide mouth and thick lips

People who have changes in the SOX11 gene may have a condition called Coffin-Siris syndrome type 9, or CSS9. Coffin-Siris syndrome is caused by changes in several different genes: ARID1A, ARID1B, ARID2, DPF2, SMARCA4, SMARCB1, SMARCC2, SMARCD1, SMARCE1, SOX4, and SOX11. 


There is overlap among the symptoms of each type of Coffin-Siris syndrome. Please see the Coffin-Siris syndrome gene guide for more information. People who have SOX11-related syndrome typically have intellectual disability and may or may not have changes in physical appearance.

Do people who have SOX11- syndrome look different?

People who have SOX11-related syndrome may look different. Appearance can vary and can include some but not all of these features:

  • Wide mouth
  • Thick lips
  • Small head size, also called microcephaly
  • Curved fingers or an underdeveloped fifth finger
  • Webbed toes

Speech delay is common.



Developmental delay is common.



Some people have autism.



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