Our Mission

Simons Searchlight is on a quest to accelerate the genetic science of autism and related disorders. We want more answers. We want more progress.

We are a partnership of leading scientists, researchers, and families. Simons Searchlight believes the only way to make meaningful advances is to do it together. Families know the steps they have taken on their journey and how their lives have been affected. Scientists know how to transform that knowledge into the most cutting edge research.

Together, we will drive science forward.

The conditions we study can be extremely rare. But when we unite, incredible things can happen. Insights and patterns emerge. Communities form. Conditions once isolated become important and relevant.

And when we find the answers, when we gather the data, we believe it is of fundamental importance to be open. To share findings with you. And invite world class researchers to explore further. The more minds we have studying these genetic changes, the more we can empower you with knowledge.

Together, we will be successful.