Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Simons Searchlight is an international research program with the goal of accelerating science and improving lives for people with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders.

Mission Summary:

Simons Searchlight aims to further the understanding of rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. We all need more answers. We want more progress.

Simons Searchlight is an ambitious research program that is creating an ever-growing database and resource network. You and families like yours share valuable information and experiences that leading geneticists and scientists around the world can use to improve the lives of people living with rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. These researchers can also invite families to participate in their research studies in the future.

People with genetic diagnoses, their families, and scientists play equal parts in this journey. In fact, families like yours are the key to making meaningful progress. Your unique experience could hold the clues that scientists need to find answers for you and others with rare genetic disorders.